Yes, no, maybe, I don’t know…Can you repeat the question?

Here’s my problem with not knowing whether to vote yes/no or not vote at all (and I know that’s frowned upon as a person died so women could vote.) I don’t want the UK to separate and would like to think the UK would be better in one piece as we could work out the problems together. So if I voted yes I’d be annoyed at myself but If I vote no I’m basically giving the tories-(ukip-racists, discriminators)free reign because apparently over 50% of England have voted for the bad guys and that would make me want to leave the UK. I don’t want to leave people who didn’t vote tory in England/Wales/Ireland trapped in a worse situation than when we were there to support them. Everybody just plant trees as they take in carbon dioxide gases out of the atmosphere and purify the air. Make solar panelled roofs and use wind turbines/waves for power and this whole global warming thing goes away. I wish! I know the vote is over money and getting rid of the tories(no red underlined word, you don’t get a capital letter because you don’t deserve it.) but in my world this is what it’s about. All the clean air!