Options in life

I’m going to post once a week instead of everyday, saying what happened during that week. I realised last week that if I posted a blog everyday then the words would become repetitive, uninteresting, and tedious. There would be way too many posts on my page as well, over-crowding it. So starting Monday 12th I’ll have a post of the previous week’s endeavours.  Aah a thesaurus, how useful you are.

I’ve been trying to eat slightly healthier so I can well live longer I guess, be healthier and have good skin. So I bought lots of nice veg from the veg shop and roasted them in the oven with herbs which was a tasty meal. I have lacked behind on the exercise but I’m going to do my skipping in the morning as I’m not in work until the afternoon. I started reading the 5th harry potter book again even though I’m mid-way through reading the hobbit. Poor Gandalf. The best part in the fourth film where madam Maxine says “Professor Dumblydore.”  Also Fred and George are always funny.

It was a quiet day today at work so I had lots of time to wonder off to dream land. I’ve decided that if I ever save up enough money then instead of using it on a mortgage, I’m going to use it to travel and see the world. Basically I don’t like being tied down to a place if I may someday want to move to a different place therefore there would be no point in buying a house. I like options. Living on an island is pretty hard for someone like me. I literally cannot move off it due to no savings. Anywho also if you are on minimum wage then there is no way you can save up to buy a house in your life time. So one day I’m going to go on holiday with my friends/family/future family or live abroad for a year and create memories so I can look back and remember all the amazing things I’ve seen and done in my life.