It’s freaking lightning outside!

It was sunny earlier and now it’s back to November looking weather. yay how fun. It would be better if it was sunny on a day that I’m off work in the afternoon. Wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube men! So nothing highly exciting is going on right now which is why I haven’t thought to write anything. My work is giving me hardly any hours at the moment just because it’s a quiet time of year so once summer hits I will be saying aargh I need a day off! When at the moment I’m saying ‘give me more hours dammit.’ At the moment I have my job and then I work in the cancer research when I have free days so I usually have half the day to myself and can’t wait for beach weather times. I literally cannot wait until I can buy jewellery materials and tie-dye materials and to fix up my house and to dye my hair. ALL the things. (bloody hell, there’s a thunder and lightning storm just started this second…I’m scared.)

I decided that there is no point in moaning about no hours as clearly there is nothing that anyone could do as there aren’t enough tourists around. So I figured I’d hand out some CV’s to some bars around town and get a second/third job during evening/night time as my jobs hours are mostly during the day. Yes my daily life is extremely riveting.