It’s freaking lightning outside!

It was sunny earlier and now it’s back to November looking weather. yay how fun. It would be better if it was sunny on a day that I’m off work in the afternoon. Wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube men! So nothing highly exciting is going on right now which is why I haven’t thought to write anything. My work is giving me hardly any hours at the moment just because it’s a quiet time of year so once summer hits I will be saying aargh I need a day off! When at the moment I’m saying ‘give me more hours dammit.’ At the moment I have my job and then I work in the cancer research when I have free days so I usually have half the day to myself and can’t wait for beach weather times. I literally cannot wait until I can buy jewellery materials and tie-dye materials and to fix up my house and to dye my hair. ALL the things. (bloody hell, there’s a thunder and lightning storm just started this second…I’m scared.)

I decided that there is no point in moaning about no hours as clearly there is nothing that anyone could do as there aren’t enough tourists around. So I figured I’d hand out some CV’s to some bars around town and get a second/third job during evening/night time as my jobs hours are mostly during the day. Yes my daily life is extremely riveting.


New Beginnings

I’ve changed my strategy for this blog (is that the right word to use? Oh well) anyway I don’t write consistently as obviously noticed by my non-existent readers. So I guess it isn’t noticed. I’ve got lots of thought processes going on at the moment and I don’t want to forget good ideas like jewellery, art or even what I’d done that day. I would love to make some tie-dye t-shirts at some point and some earrings that I was going to buy but then I figured I could learn to make them myself.

I’d like to write everyday about my daily life so I can see what works for me, if I’m making progress in my life, what motivates me, how to find happiness in life without relying on others, attaining a relaxing atmosphere and keeping myself sane. I’m really just writing this blog for my benefit rather than the entertainment of anybody reading. I write how I talk which is fairly obvious. It isn’t meant to be read as a novel so if words sound ridiculous, I’m aware but it’s there anyway so get over it. I have noticed that my thoughts seem scattered and unorganised on paper.

I dislike when people get their spelling for (their, there, they’re, your, you’re, to , too) wrong. It’s so irritating. If I ever find a misspelt version of that in my essays, blog or status updates, I’m like, seriously? How did I manage to misspell that? My mum taught me the difference when I was 5. How do adults not know the difference?

Sing everyday, it keeps the mind happy! I think I actually sing to Paramore every day, it’s playing on my phone when I’m getting ready, in the shower, making dinner, washing up. What even? I do listen to plenty of other artists on Spotify so it’s fine.