Options in life

I’m going to post once a week instead of everyday, saying what happened during that week. I realised last week that if I posted a blog everyday then the words would become repetitive, uninteresting, and tedious. There would be way too many posts on my page as well, over-crowding it. So starting Monday 12th I’ll have a post of the previous week’s endeavours.  Aah a thesaurus, how useful you are.

I’ve been trying to eat slightly healthier so I can well live longer I guess, be healthier and have good skin. So I bought lots of nice veg from the veg shop and roasted them in the oven with herbs which was a tasty meal. I have lacked behind on the exercise but I’m going to do my skipping in the morning as I’m not in work until the afternoon. I started reading the 5th harry potter book again even though I’m mid-way through reading the hobbit. Poor Gandalf. The best part in the fourth film where madam Maxine says “Professor Dumblydore.”  Also Fred and George are always funny.

It was a quiet day today at work so I had lots of time to wonder off to dream land. I’ve decided that if I ever save up enough money then instead of using it on a mortgage, I’m going to use it to travel and see the world. Basically I don’t like being tied down to a place if I may someday want to move to a different place therefore there would be no point in buying a house. I like options. Living on an island is pretty hard for someone like me. I literally cannot move off it due to no savings. Anywho also if you are on minimum wage then there is no way you can save up to buy a house in your life time. So one day I’m going to go on holiday with my friends/family/future family or live abroad for a year and create memories so I can look back and remember all the amazing things I’ve seen and done in my life.


Morning routine

30th April

Well I’ve thought about it and I think getting a lumos tattoo might become a mistake by the time I’m 40 and I’ll want to at least appear like an adult. (never gonna happen) I’ll probably always love harry potter books etc but I think I’ll be happy enough with a lumos t-shirt or earrings. I still want a tattoo meaning light in the same place but something with a deeper meaning. Also since John from the help project is getting carpets for my flat I’m gonna have a clear out of my cupboard and move my art boxes in there so there’s room in my living room for a cosy art/book corner, with twinkly lights on the wall. I do way too much morning thinking.                                                                                       

After work I was feeling pretty active so I tried to do some stretches like the one where you balance on one leg with your arm out and lean forward. Then I tried to touch my toes with my legs straight and my hamstring was having none of it so I did a shoulder stand on my bed which I’d learned from school and I could still do it which is alright I guess. So after the stretches my body felt pretty good, which was surprising and I felt I could go running as well but instead I chilled out in my room and lit some jasmine incense seeing as it was hair washing day in the morning so I didn’t need to worry about bringing in the smell to work and contaminating food. (This would make more sense if you knew that we aren’t allowed to wear perfume at work as it can contaminate food.) I realised that after work seems to be when I’m more likely to exercise as I’m already active so I thought I might start doing that from now on.

I’ve been looking for a way to be healthier so I tried skipping but I was only doing it indoors because I was scared the neighbours in the garden would judge me and think I was an oddball. I got pretty lazy and barely did the skipping though because it meant moving all my furniture around. So now I’ve decided who cares what people think, I may as well start using the garden. I came across someone’s blog on thought catalogue about morning routines. There are some ideas in there that I can add to my morning routine just by waking up earlier. My new start of the day will be set alarm for 7, have it on snooze for half an hour, then a half hour for morning thinking as that’s my version of meditation, then half an hour for reading, then stretch muscles and use my skipping rope after work to get more active. 

I went up to my friend, Nat’s house and we were chatting and she said she had just bought a Wii fit board and game so we were playing on that and she put me on the obstacle course game, the skiing/snowboarding, the balance games and the yoga. It was ironic that I had just been doing that yoga move at my house and suddenly Nat has this game where it shows you how to do it properly and I just could not balance properly. I fell off the board after 2 seconds…one day. I also tried ‘the warrior’ and ‘the chair’ yoga move which were far easier. So now that I know I enjoy yoga I might think about doing it at home. I used to think that it just wasn’t my thing as I’d have to be fit and flexible but some of the stances are for beginners and would help gain balance, tone muscle and inner body strength whilst making me more flexible as I’d be stretching before I started. The reason I enjoyed it yesterday was because my brain was more awake and my body felt active and limber even though I hadn’t been stretching for very long.