This is apparently what I think a blog consists of

1st May

So far today I’ve not had much besides work going on but I am off to Nat’s house later as it’s Thursday which is our meet up day. This morning I tried a few yoga moves that I’d learnt last night only holding for 5 seconds as my muscles were sore from yesterday so I wasn’t up for it. Then I got ready for work. Also I saw a good looking electrician today which brightened up work haha. Crazy days.

I still need to sort out my house and make it more tranquil so I have a peaceful environment to come home to after work. I’m still making jewellery once I have more 0.4mm wire. I still want to dye my hair a faded lavender colour but I’m scared work won’t approve so probably can’t do it until the end of the season. At the moment I’m all talk until wages happen.  Soon, soon. Something, something dark side…I don’t know. There isn’t much happening today. And yes I know I used the phrase ‘I still’ 16 times but it’s for emphasis you silly mews.