Morning routine

30th April

Well I’ve thought about it and I think getting a lumos tattoo might become a mistake by the time I’m 40 and I’ll want to at least appear like an adult. (never gonna happen) I’ll probably always love harry potter books etc but I think I’ll be happy enough with a lumos t-shirt or earrings. I still want a tattoo meaning light in the same place but something with a deeper meaning. Also since John from the help project is getting carpets for my flat I’m gonna have a clear out of my cupboard and move my art boxes in there so there’s room in my living room for a cosy art/book corner, with twinkly lights on the wall. I do way too much morning thinking.                                                                                       

After work I was feeling pretty active so I tried to do some stretches like the one where you balance on one leg with your arm out and lean forward. Then I tried to touch my toes with my legs straight and my hamstring was having none of it so I did a shoulder stand on my bed which I’d learned from school and I could still do it which is alright I guess. So after the stretches my body felt pretty good, which was surprising and I felt I could go running as well but instead I chilled out in my room and lit some jasmine incense seeing as it was hair washing day in the morning so I didn’t need to worry about bringing in the smell to work and contaminating food. (This would make more sense if you knew that we aren’t allowed to wear perfume at work as it can contaminate food.) I realised that after work seems to be when I’m more likely to exercise as I’m already active so I thought I might start doing that from now on.

I’ve been looking for a way to be healthier so I tried skipping but I was only doing it indoors because I was scared the neighbours in the garden would judge me and think I was an oddball. I got pretty lazy and barely did the skipping though because it meant moving all my furniture around. So now I’ve decided who cares what people think, I may as well start using the garden. I came across someone’s blog on thought catalogue about morning routines. There are some ideas in there that I can add to my morning routine just by waking up earlier. My new start of the day will be set alarm for 7, have it on snooze for half an hour, then a half hour for morning thinking as that’s my version of meditation, then half an hour for reading, then stretch muscles and use my skipping rope after work to get more active. 

I went up to my friend, Nat’s house and we were chatting and she said she had just bought a Wii fit board and game so we were playing on that and she put me on the obstacle course game, the skiing/snowboarding, the balance games and the yoga. It was ironic that I had just been doing that yoga move at my house and suddenly Nat has this game where it shows you how to do it properly and I just could not balance properly. I fell off the board after 2 seconds…one day. I also tried ‘the warrior’ and ‘the chair’ yoga move which were far easier. So now that I know I enjoy yoga I might think about doing it at home. I used to think that it just wasn’t my thing as I’d have to be fit and flexible but some of the stances are for beginners and would help gain balance, tone muscle and inner body strength whilst making me more flexible as I’d be stretching before I started. The reason I enjoyed it yesterday was because my brain was more awake and my body felt active and limber even though I hadn’t been stretching for very long.


Sunny days


29th April

The sun had been out for most of the time I’d been at work. I’d already decided that I was going to go to my patch of pebbly beach near town and take along my music, book and crochet stuff to finish my headband. It was pretty warm so even though the sun had gone in for a bit, by the time I got home I figured I may as well get ready incase it was to come back out again. So I put suncream on my face, neck and arms seeing as I’m prone to freckling because the sun was quite hot even though it’s only april. Suncream up! As something Barney from HIMYM would say. The sun was still a little faded but I thought what the hec, I’m going anyway. I need to get outside to relax. Wandering down with music in my ears and for some reason my right shoe kept skidding on the ground whilst I was walking as if I had forgotten how to walk normally. Some sort of self-conscious walking going on. I got to my patch of beach and sat down all comfy on my jumper and watched the waves do their thing, flopping around, crashing onto the beach. Then I took out my book and read for a short time, wrote lumos on a stone for no reason but at least it has light now. I decided to switch things to do and pulled the wool out from my bag to finish the headband. I just chilled out there until half 6 as I didn’t want to waste the sunny day by leaving too early. It’s Scotland. We don’t get sun as much as other countries. Oh yeah, a big, cute dog wandered past me and gave me a fright cause I had earphones in. Funny times.

New Beginnings

I’ve changed my strategy for this blog (is that the right word to use? Oh well) anyway I don’t write consistently as obviously noticed by my non-existent readers. So I guess it isn’t noticed. I’ve got lots of thought processes going on at the moment and I don’t want to forget good ideas like jewellery, art or even what I’d done that day. I would love to make some tie-dye t-shirts at some point and some earrings that I was going to buy but then I figured I could learn to make them myself.

I’d like to write everyday about my daily life so I can see what works for me, if I’m making progress in my life, what motivates me, how to find happiness in life without relying on others, attaining a relaxing atmosphere and keeping myself sane. I’m really just writing this blog for my benefit rather than the entertainment of anybody reading. I write how I talk which is fairly obvious. It isn’t meant to be read as a novel so if words sound ridiculous, I’m aware but it’s there anyway so get over it. I have noticed that my thoughts seem scattered and unorganised on paper.

I dislike when people get their spelling for (their, there, they’re, your, you’re, to , too) wrong. It’s so irritating. If I ever find a misspelt version of that in my essays, blog or status updates, I’m like, seriously? How did I manage to misspell that? My mum taught me the difference when I was 5. How do adults not know the difference?

Sing everyday, it keeps the mind happy! I think I actually sing to Paramore every day, it’s playing on my phone when I’m getting ready, in the shower, making dinner, washing up. What even? I do listen to plenty of other artists on Spotify so it’s fine.

Reviews of old job

My friend showed me a site called trip advisor and I’ve just been reading some reviews of the hotel I worked in ahem (chandlers) avoid at all costs! and damn they are hilarious. The manager actually rants and insults anyone who complains really contradicting herself and basically lying. There are some truth to what she says but she is very rude with how she talks to them. Her husband is no better towards them and is very arrogant if a customer complains or has an opinion. They need to learn what customer service is and run a hotel professionally as in actually put employees in the bloody books. Anywho to most people reading the reviews you would think having never met the owners that the customers were just exaggerating which some may be but there is more truth to the bad reviews than people realise as I’ve seen behind the scenes. I’ve heard them bitch about customers plenty of times, it’s incredibly childish and uncalled for when running a business. They basically put on a front and pretend to be these funny, relaxed, down to earth, warm people which during my first year of working there even I fell for but it is an act just to make a sale as I’ve seen how they really are. Mostly the rudeness was aimed at me rather than the customers but I have witnessed them being quite rude and actually barring a women from the hotel because they had a disagreement over room switching and the room being too cold. He said something like ‘You’re barred I don’t want you in my hotel again.’ and she was like ‘As if I’d come back here again after the way I was treated.’ Since I’ve stopped working there they have had worse reviews about the managers treatment towards the customers so I just thought well Karma finally found you then. One customer in a review on trip advisor figured out for themselves that it was all an act to make a sale as before in person they had been treated badly at the hotel and told to leave over a disagreement and on the phone he didn’t recognise the customer and was sugar sweetly polite. Fake people are just not for me. They had really damaged my take on the world as I was in a very miserable place and it took a lot for me to let it go and become a happier person after being put down for 2 years. Which is why I have a lot to rant about and say on the matter. I’m just glad to be out of there and in a lovely new job up at Mount Stuart for the summer. Great place and nice people to work with. 

A Positive New Year

So I’m sitting here singing along to music and going online seeing everyone achieving career goals and moving forward with life and it just makes me want to jump onto whatever fun train they’re on and get on with life too. I’ve decided to forget about things that weren’t good for me and make room for things that are important.  It’s always best to start the New Year with a positive outlook.

  • So my plan of action is first to clean my house. (you need a nice area to think) Also buy gas as it is cold, I’m wearing a hat and scarf in my bedroom and I can see my breath.
  • Next prepare for that interview that I’m freaking out over. (the usual) I am half prepared though so it should be fine.
  • Third go off to Glasgow this weekend to meet my friend for a wee girly night.
  • Finish my Futurama drawing finally so it can go up on my bedroom wall. Woop colour.
  • After that start designing again. Maybe something intricate and delicate inspired from the elvish style in lord of the rings.
  • Relearn how to use Rhino 4.0 C.A.D.
  • Relearn all my notes from college hahaha yeah ok maybe later
  • Draw paint ups of designs.
  • Make a portfolio

That should be it until I move up to Glasgow then I can make jewellery again at college.

In my social life meet up with my friends more, go back to that cool comedy show and actually see the whole show this time. (but this time sit closer to the back so they don’t talk to us) Better make it a Friday so the trains are running until 12. Travel sometime. Go see more bands live. Definitely buy more music, I’ve been listening to the same stuff for years. Maybe buy a ukulele even though I can’t play guitar…yet. Stop worrying.  

Night mews

That’s my sister’s cat, he always cheers me up.


You guys and your phones.

I always wish my life could be like a sitcom where you have a few friends who are girls and guys and we hang out almost every day. That would be awesome. I realise that I just made my life sound empty and meaningless and me sound co-dependent but I also have art things to do and books to read so it’s all good.  If life were like a sitcom I could meet up with the girls for lunch like in ‘sex and the city’ or I could meet everyone down at the bar after work like in ‘How I met your mother’. I’d have a jewellery job I would be so happy in and could afford to travel to other countries.

When I was a teenager I could not wait to live on my own and have my own space but now I miss having the company of someone that lives with me. My family are spread out over the UK and Germany. The closest family member I have is my sister who is in Glasgow. My friends have their own lives and some even have another little life to take care of. Which is amazing, they have so many good things going for them which makes me happy for them.

I just wonder whatever happened to socialising and why have we all become addicted to checking our Facebook or Twitter, etc. constantly, ‘just incase we missed something’.  I always end up on Faceland. It’s a never ending world of social media taking over our lives and basically because of this it seems to be the only way to get hold of people and to actually get a conversation from them as they are glued to their damn phones. So in conclusion get off the phone when you’re hanging out with me. Just a guess but I’d probably do the same thing sometimes if I had a phone with internet. Hypocrite time.  The first time I saw the Prisoner of Azkaban and Hagrid said ‘a hippogriff’ I thought he was saying a hypocrite.

Futurama drawing update

Futurama drawing update

I’m actually pretty disappointed in myself. This is still nowhere near finished and I have all the time in the world now to do it. No job, no life you know the usual. I have no excuses. Well it’s clear, I’m a lazy bitch. Alright time to look for a motivational quote to get my life moving forward. It’s googling time.

……Perfect! Found one.

“Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.”- John Wooden