Yes, no, maybe, I don’t know…Can you repeat the question?

Here’s my problem with not knowing whether to vote yes/no or not vote at all (and I know that’s frowned upon as a person died so women could vote.) I don’t want the UK to separate and would like to think the UK would be better in one piece as we could work out the problems together. So if I voted yes I’d be annoyed at myself but If I vote no I’m basically giving the tories-(ukip-racists, discriminators)free reign because apparently over 50% of England have voted for the bad guys and that would make me want to leave the UK. I don’t want to leave people who didn’t vote tory in England/Wales/Ireland trapped in a worse situation than when we were there to support them. Everybody just plant trees as they take in carbon dioxide gases out of the atmosphere and purify the air. Make solar panelled roofs and use wind turbines/waves for power and this whole global warming thing goes away. I wish! I know the vote is over money and getting rid of the tories(no red underlined word, you don’t get a capital letter because you don’t deserve it.) but in my world this is what it’s about. All the clean air! 


It’s freaking lightning outside!

It was sunny earlier and now it’s back to November looking weather. yay how fun. It would be better if it was sunny on a day that I’m off work in the afternoon. Wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube men! So nothing highly exciting is going on right now which is why I haven’t thought to write anything. My work is giving me hardly any hours at the moment just because it’s a quiet time of year so once summer hits I will be saying aargh I need a day off! When at the moment I’m saying ‘give me more hours dammit.’ At the moment I have my job and then I work in the cancer research when I have free days so I usually have half the day to myself and can’t wait for beach weather times. I literally cannot wait until I can buy jewellery materials and tie-dye materials and to fix up my house and to dye my hair. ALL the things. (bloody hell, there’s a thunder and lightning storm just started this second…I’m scared.)

I decided that there is no point in moaning about no hours as clearly there is nothing that anyone could do as there aren’t enough tourists around. So I figured I’d hand out some CV’s to some bars around town and get a second/third job during evening/night time as my jobs hours are mostly during the day. Yes my daily life is extremely riveting.

Options in life

I’m going to post once a week instead of everyday, saying what happened during that week. I realised last week that if I posted a blog everyday then the words would become repetitive, uninteresting, and tedious. There would be way too many posts on my page as well, over-crowding it. So starting Monday 12th I’ll have a post of the previous week’s endeavours.  Aah a thesaurus, how useful you are.

I’ve been trying to eat slightly healthier so I can well live longer I guess, be healthier and have good skin. So I bought lots of nice veg from the veg shop and roasted them in the oven with herbs which was a tasty meal. I have lacked behind on the exercise but I’m going to do my skipping in the morning as I’m not in work until the afternoon. I started reading the 5th harry potter book again even though I’m mid-way through reading the hobbit. Poor Gandalf. The best part in the fourth film where madam Maxine says “Professor Dumblydore.”  Also Fred and George are always funny.

It was a quiet day today at work so I had lots of time to wonder off to dream land. I’ve decided that if I ever save up enough money then instead of using it on a mortgage, I’m going to use it to travel and see the world. Basically I don’t like being tied down to a place if I may someday want to move to a different place therefore there would be no point in buying a house. I like options. Living on an island is pretty hard for someone like me. I literally cannot move off it due to no savings. Anywho also if you are on minimum wage then there is no way you can save up to buy a house in your life time. So one day I’m going to go on holiday with my friends/family/future family or live abroad for a year and create memories so I can look back and remember all the amazing things I’ve seen and done in my life.


These past few days I’ve been relaxing after work, watching ‘Friends’, reading harry potter and playing the game as these things always remind me of simpler, happy times and cheer me up. I’ve been getting back into my own happy space, Things have been sorted out with my friend so I’m back to normal, being content. I don’t need to rely on hanging out with my friends as I’m fine being in the house or out and about on my own seeing as it’s been over 2 years that I’ve lived alone. I have plenty of activities to entertain myself without being with friends such as art stuff, listening to music and singing along, watching my tv shows online, reading, going outside and of course going to work. If in doubt with what to do when feeling sad…watch ‘Friends’. Best thing ever.

Jewellery update

Well my Microsoft word has given up. Maybe if I take advice from the guy from the IT crowd and try turning my computer off and on again. This morning I woke up late as I had stayed up late meaning no morning thinking/reading. But I did do my skipping and aerobic type exercise after work so at least I stuck to something. It’s probably not real aerobics, I just make it up. Why not? You may as well design your own life. Watched old movies up at nat’s. When I say old I mean whenever ‘She’s all that’ came out. Still waiting on pennies to buy wire for making jewellery with, can’t wait.

Here’s a photo of a plaited wire bracelet I made months ago. It’s made of silver-plated, copper wire and a polymer clay flower.Image

Here’s a plaited wire necklace made of silver-plated, copper wire and glass.


Another wire wrapped glass necklace that appears to be a present look alike.


Also wire wrapped glass and crocheted at the back.


A bracelet with faceted Labradorite beads.


Some crocheted wire bracelets with rose quartz beads.


A crocheted wire bracelet with Labradorite beads.


Crocheted copper wire necklace with polymer clay flowers, Labradorite beads, silver plated beads and pearls.


There are more images of the rest of my jewellery on my facebook page



This is apparently what I think a blog consists of

1st May

So far today I’ve not had much besides work going on but I am off to Nat’s house later as it’s Thursday which is our meet up day. This morning I tried a few yoga moves that I’d learnt last night only holding for 5 seconds as my muscles were sore from yesterday so I wasn’t up for it. Then I got ready for work. Also I saw a good looking electrician today which brightened up work haha. Crazy days.

I still need to sort out my house and make it more tranquil so I have a peaceful environment to come home to after work. I’m still making jewellery once I have more 0.4mm wire. I still want to dye my hair a faded lavender colour but I’m scared work won’t approve so probably can’t do it until the end of the season. At the moment I’m all talk until wages happen.  Soon, soon. Something, something dark side…I don’t know. There isn’t much happening today. And yes I know I used the phrase ‘I still’ 16 times but it’s for emphasis you silly mews.