Jewellery update

Well my Microsoft word has given up. Maybe if I take advice from the guy from the IT crowd and try turning my computer off and on again. This morning I woke up late as I had stayed up late meaning no morning thinking/reading. But I did do my skipping and aerobic type exercise after work so at least I stuck to something. It’s probably not real aerobics, I just make it up. Why not? You may as well design your own life. Watched old movies up at nat’s. When I say old I mean whenever ‘She’s all that’ came out. Still waiting on pennies to buy wire for making jewellery with, can’t wait.

Here’s a photo of a plaited wire bracelet I made months ago. It’s made of silver-plated, copper wire and a polymer clay flower.Image

Here’s a plaited wire necklace made of silver-plated, copper wire and glass.


Another wire wrapped glass necklace that appears to be a present look alike.


Also wire wrapped glass and crocheted at the back.


A bracelet with faceted Labradorite beads.


Some crocheted wire bracelets with rose quartz beads.


A crocheted wire bracelet with Labradorite beads.


Crocheted copper wire necklace with polymer clay flowers, Labradorite beads, silver plated beads and pearls.


There are more images of the rest of my jewellery on my facebook page




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