Sunny days


29th April

The sun had been out for most of the time I’d been at work. I’d already decided that I was going to go to my patch of pebbly beach near town and take along my music, book and crochet stuff to finish my headband. It was pretty warm so even though the sun had gone in for a bit, by the time I got home I figured I may as well get ready incase it was to come back out again. So I put suncream on my face, neck and arms seeing as I’m prone to freckling because the sun was quite hot even though it’s only april. Suncream up! As something Barney from HIMYM would say. The sun was still a little faded but I thought what the hec, I’m going anyway. I need to get outside to relax. Wandering down with music in my ears and for some reason my right shoe kept skidding on the ground whilst I was walking as if I had forgotten how to walk normally. Some sort of self-conscious walking going on. I got to my patch of beach and sat down all comfy on my jumper and watched the waves do their thing, flopping around, crashing onto the beach. Then I took out my book and read for a short time, wrote lumos on a stone for no reason but at least it has light now. I decided to switch things to do and pulled the wool out from my bag to finish the headband. I just chilled out there until half 6 as I didn’t want to waste the sunny day by leaving too early. It’s Scotland. We don’t get sun as much as other countries. Oh yeah, a big, cute dog wandered past me and gave me a fright cause I had earphones in. Funny times.


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