New Beginnings

I’ve changed my strategy for this blog (is that the right word to use? Oh well) anyway I don’t write consistently as obviously noticed by my non-existent readers. So I guess it isn’t noticed. I’ve got lots of thought processes going on at the moment and I don’t want to forget good ideas like jewellery, art or even what I’d done that day. I would love to make some tie-dye t-shirts at some point and some earrings that I was going to buy but then I figured I could learn to make them myself.

I’d like to write everyday about my daily life so I can see what works for me, if I’m making progress in my life, what motivates me, how to find happiness in life without relying on others, attaining a relaxing atmosphere and keeping myself sane. I’m really just writing this blog for my benefit rather than the entertainment of anybody reading. I write how I talk which is fairly obvious. It isn’t meant to be read as a novel so if words sound ridiculous, I’m aware but it’s there anyway so get over it. I have noticed that my thoughts seem scattered and unorganised on paper.

I dislike when people get their spelling for (their, there, they’re, your, you’re, to , too) wrong. It’s so irritating. If I ever find a misspelt version of that in my essays, blog or status updates, I’m like, seriously? How did I manage to misspell that? My mum taught me the difference when I was 5. How do adults not know the difference?

Sing everyday, it keeps the mind happy! I think I actually sing to Paramore every day, it’s playing on my phone when I’m getting ready, in the shower, making dinner, washing up. What even? I do listen to plenty of other artists on Spotify so it’s fine.


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