Reviews of old job

My friend showed me a site called trip advisor and I’ve just been reading some reviews of the hotel I worked in ahem (chandlers) avoid at all costs! and damn they are hilarious. The manager actually rants and insults anyone who complains really contradicting herself and basically lying. There are some truth to what she says but she is very rude with how she talks to them. Her husband is no better towards them and is very arrogant if a customer complains or has an opinion. They need to learn what customer service is and run a hotel professionally as in actually put employees in the bloody books. Anywho to most people reading the reviews you would think having never met the owners that the customers were just exaggerating which some may be but there is more truth to the bad reviews than people realise as I’ve seen behind the scenes. I’ve heard them bitch about customers plenty of times, it’s incredibly childish and uncalled for when running a business. They basically put on a front and pretend to be these funny, relaxed, down to earth, warm people which during my first year of working there even I fell for but it is an act just to make a sale as I’ve seen how they really are. Mostly the rudeness was aimed at me rather than the customers but I have witnessed them being quite rude and actually barring a women from the hotel because they had a disagreement over room switching and the room being too cold. He said something like ‘You’re barred I don’t want you in my hotel again.’ and she was like ‘As if I’d come back here again after the way I was treated.’ Since I’ve stopped working there they have had worse reviews about the managers treatment towards the customers so I just thought well Karma finally found you then. One customer in a review on trip advisor figured out for themselves that it was all an act to make a sale as before in person they had been treated badly at the hotel and told to leave over a disagreement and on the phone he didn’t recognise the customer and was sugar sweetly polite. Fake people are just not for me. They had really damaged my take on the world as I was in a very miserable place and it took a lot for me to let it go and become a happier person after being put down for 2 years. Which is why I have a lot to rant about and say on the matter. I’m just glad to be out of there and in a lovely new job up at Mount Stuart for the summer. Great place and nice people to work with.