A Positive New Year

So I’m sitting here singing along to music and going online seeing everyone achieving career goals and moving forward with life and it just makes me want to jump onto whatever fun train they’re on and get on with life too. I’ve decided to forget about things that weren’t good for me and make room for things that are important.  It’s always best to start the New Year with a positive outlook.

  • So my plan of action is first to clean my house. (you need a nice area to think) Also buy gas as it is cold, I’m wearing a hat and scarf in my bedroom and I can see my breath.
  • Next prepare for that interview that I’m freaking out over. (the usual) I am half prepared though so it should be fine.
  • Third go off to Glasgow this weekend to meet my friend for a wee girly night.
  • Finish my Futurama drawing finally so it can go up on my bedroom wall. Woop colour.
  • After that start designing again. Maybe something intricate and delicate inspired from the elvish style in lord of the rings.
  • Relearn how to use Rhino 4.0 C.A.D.
  • Relearn all my notes from college hahaha yeah ok maybe later
  • Draw paint ups of designs.
  • Make a portfolio

That should be it until I move up to Glasgow then I can make jewellery again at college.

In my social life meet up with my friends more, go back to that cool comedy show and actually see the whole show this time. (but this time sit closer to the back so they don’t talk to us) Better make it a Friday so the trains are running until 12. Travel sometime. Go see more bands live. Definitely buy more music, I’ve been listening to the same stuff for years. Maybe buy a ukulele even though I can’t play guitar…yet. Stop worrying.  

Night mews

That’s my sister’s cat, he always cheers me up.



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