You guys and your phones.

I always wish my life could be like a sitcom where you have a few friends who are girls and guys and we hang out almost every day. That would be awesome. I realise that I just made my life sound empty and meaningless and me sound co-dependent but I also have art things to do and books to read so it’s all good.  If life were like a sitcom I could meet up with the girls for lunch like in ‘sex and the city’ or I could meet everyone down at the bar after work like in ‘How I met your mother’. I’d have a jewellery job I would be so happy in and could afford to travel to other countries.

When I was a teenager I could not wait to live on my own and have my own space but now I miss having the company of someone that lives with me. My family are spread out over the UK and Germany. The closest family member I have is my sister who is in Glasgow. My friends have their own lives and some even have another little life to take care of. Which is amazing, they have so many good things going for them which makes me happy for them.

I just wonder whatever happened to socialising and why have we all become addicted to checking our Facebook or Twitter, etc. constantly, ‘just incase we missed something’.  I always end up on Faceland. It’s a never ending world of social media taking over our lives and basically because of this it seems to be the only way to get hold of people and to actually get a conversation from them as they are glued to their damn phones. So in conclusion get off the phone when you’re hanging out with me. Just a guess but I’d probably do the same thing sometimes if I had a phone with internet. Hypocrite time.  The first time I saw the Prisoner of Azkaban and Hagrid said ‘a hippogriff’ I thought he was saying a hypocrite.


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