Trust Me, I Have Impeccable Taste, I Just Can’t Afford The Clothes I Want

Thought Catalog

I see you eyeing my jacket. I know you’re as obsessed with a cleanly versatile beige trench as I am, especially one rendered all the more adorable by the light pink lighting that’s revealed when the sleeves are cuffed up in a defiant stance against the impending cold weather. You don’t have to be shy, you can give it a touch. I know, the material is surprisingly soft for the structured cut. And while you’re at it, you can also buy this jacket, because it is currently on display in the window of an upscale department store at which I cannot afford to shop. While this jacket is very much mine in a spiritual sense, and has already been mentally paired with half the clothes in my closet, there is absolutely no scenario in which I can justify the purchase of a 600 dollar coat, particularly one that can only…

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