Train of thought..Cats

See what I’ve started. Now my mind keeps narrating everything I think. Nobody cares brain. Damn, calm yourself.

As a live aloner, I end up putting music on and singing away to cover the quiet in the house. Also I notice that I pretty often answer my own thoughts out loud or talk back to the laptop when I have an opinion on whatever I’m seeing.  Some people (well everyone) would call this ‘talking to yourself freak’. But I’m going to go with ‘just speaking my mind accidently’.

Anywho it has got worse as one time(several times) that one time in band camp. No seriously( serious moustache face) and maybe a tiny beard. Ok! *gets off of the train of thought* back to cats. Hey Kyra. As I said one time I caught myself singing in meows whilst putting out the washing. Then plenty other times I maybe accidently said meowness stuff in the street. Craig was there. He was ashamed of me I’m sure. But it’s ok Craig I understand why you think I’m crazy.

P.S.  mew 


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