Thoughts on Paramore

Ok Paramore. I’ve loved them since I was 16 and have all 3 of their albums. Aah 16, things were so much simpler back then. They are still one of my favourite bands but when I first heard their new song ‘still into you’ I assumed their whole album was going to be quite bad. My first thoughts were that I had noticed their music had gone in a different direction and sure I would still listen to it but I wasn’t as keen on it as I was before. Then I started listening to the whole album just skipping the ‘still into you’ song but sometimes I’d forget it was on and would catch myself singing to that song cos it’s so damn catchy … no judging. #HannahHarto. 

 I think when I first heard their new song ‘still into you’ and saw the video I was really disappointed because I thought my favourite band had gone down-hill. I just didn’t understand Hayley Williams personality changes as she seems completely different in each of their songs from ‘emergency’ to ‘misery business’, the song ‘now’ to ‘still into you’ where her personality has totally changed. She’s become unrelatable to me and unfamiliar. So maybe this isn’t about her changing and moving on to better things but my inability to adapt to change in life. Well I’ve been listening to their new album so much and love ‘aint it fun’ so now I like most of the songs but ‘Still into you’ is definitely taking its time to grow on me.                                                            

I used to love Paramore more than The foo-fighters, even more than lip balm. I’d say they’re all equal now. Although what annoys me is when people say the new paramore sucks because the original band members left. They only say that because “it isn’t cool” to say you like the new stuff with the new band members. People need to get over themselves, they think because the band’s music isn’t “retro” it isn’t cool anymore.  I was obviously disappointed because I thought the band would be over, then they got new people and I thought no way is this going to be as good but they proved me wrong.

Anyway as a Paramore fan I suppose I will adjust to this new music style they have going on. After all it is more upbeat which is nice and summery. Yay summer 


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