Books vs Kindles




I first learned to read when I was 3 or 4. Well I’m guessing my mum taught me, so I’m thankful because she gave me a head start before starting school as I went to school at age 4. By primary 2 I had read all of the ‘Biff, Chip and Kipper’ books which taught you to read. So I had to find new books to read, something more my level. After that I loved reading books all the time. For instance books like ‘Harry Potter’, ‘The fairytales of Grimm’, ‘The magic faraway tree’, etc. Some really great books to take you into a whole other world that inspired you and amazed you as a child.

Now I’m older I still like those same books but I also like authors such as Freya North, Lindsey Kelk and Sophie Kinsella, etc. There are still so many books I need to read by other authors, books I’ve not yet heard of. I’ve noticed that since the internet has taken over my life I read a lot less which is ridiculous. I try to read in bed but end up looking at the book and thinking it’s not happening then falling asleep. When I was in college I got a couple new books and read them at night, in the morning on the ferry/train, break time, lunchtime, back home again. Some books just have you hooked.

Kindles are something I don’t quite understand because I find holding an actual book more satisfying than reading from a tablet. The pro’s to the Kindle are; it’s good for travel so you don’t have to carry loads of books, you take up less space and some let you browse online. The cons are; it can run out of battery so you only have a set amount of reading time when travelling. So in my eyes, that is pointless. Also books are better, so case closed. I do however think it would be useful to get a tablet if it was necessary for my art and jewellery work as you can take it around with you in a handbag as it is more light weight than a laptop. So you can take it out when you need to do work or research. But it’s not something I need right now as they are pretty expensive.

Back to topic, what do you think about the debate between Kindles and books? Are you pro or against? I can see good factors in each but I don’t think kindles are necessary unless you do a lot of travelling.


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