The mild case of social media.

This is just what I think about social media taking over our lives. I notice that I spend so much time online I hardly do anything else.

Kyra Edwards

After recent events and several reasons I am not going to discuss, I decided to deactivate my Facebook and Twitter account. I felt at the time, it was the best logical decision. But fast forward a day later and I’m finding myself struggle with the idea of not being able to see what was going on, what were the latest trends on twitter? I ended up feeling very out of touch with everything and everyone, I was thinking about what my friends or family were doing, how was I going to know, was I going to miss out on any plans? And it got me thinking. How did we become so reliant of technology? When did it all change? I didn’t grow up like this, I was always one for spending time in person and going out and doing stuff together, rather than chatting over msn or bebo. But…

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